NLMK Clabecq identifies optimal milling conditions

Keen to further professionalise its working methods and customer service, the Belgian NLMK site called on Sirris’s precision manufacturing expertise.

Clabecq near Ittre in the province of Walloon Brabant is home to the Clabecq site (formerly the Forges de Clabecq steel plant) owned by international steel producer NLMK. The plant mainly manufactures thin steel sheets for the energy and transport sector, mining and shipbuilding and the construction industry, but also supplies niche markets with products such as wear-resistant steel and high-strength steel.

NLMK Clabecq on the production line. The answer depends on many factors: the kind of steel, the type of milling cutter (the number of teeth and grooves can vary greatly depending on the cutter), the cutting speed, the cutting surface, and so on. To optimise its customer service in response to questions about cutting or milling tools or cutting conditions, NLMK Clabecq and Sirris embarked on an analytical journey. Their aim was to summarise the optimal cutting conditions in a single datasheet, which could be passed on to customers.

In close cooperation with NLMK Clabecq, Sirris’s Precision Manufacturing team investigated the possible cutting conditions for one type of steel and two types of tools. The cutting performance of the milling tools was monitored for a whole range of parameters. This was a labour-intensive process in which all parameters were measured simultaneously. The plethora of cutting statistics then had to be correctly interpreted.

What was the result of this elaborate research project? You can read it in the references section of our website!

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