Niche player Surtechno aims for greatest coating optimisations

Surtechno in Overpelt specialises in optimising and repairing injection moulds. So as to offer its customers faster lead times, the company is developing a series of smart coatings. Sirris furthermore provides the required R&D support. 

Surtechno has around 35 members of staff. While the company is primarily a niche player, it is able to count a great many major industrial players among its clients, due precisely to this specialisation. "We bring together a number of expertises large companies have difficulty building up themselves", explains Mark Kerkhofs, CEO of Surtechno. 

A layer of innovation 

A small number of staff for serving a large number of clients... Aside from tests in the company's own lab, that means there's often little room left for innovation. According to Mark Kerkhofs: "This is why Sirris supports us in verifying significant questions and pressing queries we encounter in practice. That way, we're able to substantiate our practical knowledge scientifically, and advise our customers on specific optimisations. Moreover, we thus keep our finger on the pulse of the coating world." 

Sirris interviewed Marc Kerkhofs during the first roadshow of the Smart Coating Application Lab. This video explains how Surtechno is able to keep on innovating thanks to the support of Sirris.