New technological guidance service for innovative production and assembly processes: AVATAR

A new guidance service has been launched, offering Walloon companies support with additive manufacturing and welded assemblies and with the associated technologies, such as simulation resources and control and characterisation tools.

2014 has seen the launch of a number of new technological guidance projects in Wallonia. The AVATAR guidance service (with AVATAR standing for AdVanced Assembling Technologies and Additive manufacturRing) was initially based on the SIMADD (Sirris) and SOUDTECH (CEWAC, IBS) guidance services and aims to promote the adoption and use of innovative production and assembly technologies within companies. The guidance service deals with two major areas of innovative technology, namely additive manufacturing and welded assemblies, and the associated simulation resources and control and characterisation tools.

The performance of additive manufacturing – better known as 3D printing – is getting better and better, and its applications seem to be growing by the day. The technology combines speed and accuracy with a wide range of high-performance materials (such as polymers, metals and ceramics), making it a truly innovative manufacturing method.

Since welding is a transversal activity and is used in a great many production sectors, Walloon companies must be skilled in its application if they wish to remain competitive. Choosing the appropriate welding technology, selecting the right design for the joints and using the most suitable welding procedure can all contribute to reducing costs and relieving stress on company employees.

AVATAR sets out to help companies to better evaluate, through use of new technologies, the advantages linked with applying these new technologies to (re)design better-performing, more environmentally friendly products. The guidance service closely monitors developments in technology and in the associated standards, enabling it to inform, advise, train and guide companies in their activities. AVATAR covers applications using metals, polymers, ceramics and composites.

With their state-of-the-art equipment and their experienced, highly skilled staff, the partners in the guidance service form a multidisciplinary team that is excellently placed to advice and support companies. 

A number of activities will be organised in the coming months, but you are more than welcome to contact us before that. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a representative of one of the four AVATAR partners, whose contact details are listed below. An AVATAR group has been created on Linkedin too - all you need to do to join is send a request. The group aims to provide members (especially companies interested in the subjects covered by the guidance service) with updates on the latest news, information and success stories.


Sirris, collective centre, collective centre of the Belgian technology industry
contact : Laurent Voets, +32 498 91 93 86, 

CRIBC, collective centre, Belgian Ceramic Research Centre
contact : Xavier Butoll, +32 65 40 34 35 

CEWAC, research centre, Walloon Study Centre for Material Testing and Assembly
contact : Petra SVAROVA, +32 4 256 94 00, 

IBS, collective centre, Belgian Welding Institute
contact : Renaud LANNOY, +32 471 09 61 01,