New smart coating infrastructure is ready for action

For five years now Sirris has been busy working with wet coatings and during this period has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience. The technology is of great interest to many companies, therefore it was essential to create an appropriate infrastructure. This is now ready and the festive opening is on 12 April!

The knowledge and experience Sirris has built up over the years is of great value to industry, therefore the available infrastructure has been substantially expanded in order to help companies even more in the transition towards implementation. Sirris has invested in an up-to-date spray booth that can coat prototypes and even small series of large items. 

The spray booth has all the necessary equipment for preparing, coating and curing products. Sirris has also acquired a teach-by-demonstration-robot that requires minimum programming and can copy exactly what the operator wants it to do.

These investments mean that coatings have become just that little bit more feasible for companies! Interested? Come along on 12 April and discover all the great options available to you!

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