New project: cooling devices by AM

Thales Alenia Space Belgium aims to develop cooling devices integrated into the bearing structure of its power equipment. Sirris is bringing to this project all its expertise in additive manufacturing.

Thales Alenia Space Belgium, a leading European company for electronic power equipment for satellites and launchers, has identified additive manufacturing as a technology with great innovative potential and is working with Sirris in this field.

Recently, the company filed a three-year research project at the crossroads of three fields of activities: additive manufacturing (3D printing), heat management and the mechanical design of the support structures of electronic circuits in space environments and in other fields requiring advanced heat management.

In particular, the project will consist in validating the technologies of the additive manufacturing of porous or solid structures that are nevertheless complex in harsh application environments and in designing and fabricating cooling devices such as micro heat pipes and thermal buffers fully integrated into the bearing structure of the power equipment.

The R&D consortium of the "THERMAM" project (THERmal Management by Addtive Manufacturing) financed by the Walloon Region as part of Marshall and led by Thales Alenia Space Belgium is comprised of Sirris, Euro Heat Pipes, ULB and Capaul.

Thermam should give Thales a competitive edge on the power converter market. Sirris is bringing to the project its expertise in additive manufacturing, its design capacities for AM oriented products and its production facilities and infrastructures.