New Opportunities For European Research & Innovation: Take Part In The Next Brokerage Event!

You have a project idea under H2020 in the ICT field? Join the Pre-ICT2013 regional brokerage event in Luxembourg on September 26, 2013 to strengthen the successful participation to Horizon 2020’s first calls.

In order to allow stakeholders to successfully participate to the first calls of H2020, NCP-Wallonia, Luxinnovation and NCP-Brussels and five other regions in collaboration with Ideal-ist, are joining forces to organise a regional brokerage event to complement ICT 2013. The purpose of this event is to prepare a fruitful participation to Vilnius for the Greater Region’s stakeholders through the local construction of pre-consortia.

Each region will bring a maximum of 5 project leaders (total maximum 40) and approximately 10 other stakeholders (in particular, SMEs) with expertise that potentially match your needs to build a successful proposal. We strongly believe that your organisation could benefit from such an event for different reasons:

  • Facilitating access to potential partners for project leaders
  • Getting first hands-on information on the first H2020 calls
  • Minimizing the resources needed to participate to or to build a consortium
  • Encouraging interaction between the stakeholders and the National Contact Points for a better exchange of information and early detection on H2020 in your field
  • Anticipating the building of European transnational consortia that can be represented in Vilnius, making it easier to find missing expertise
  • Making the participation to Vilnius more attractive through a representation of a preconsortium instead of a standalone

Registration will open by the end of August, however, if you have already a list of potential partners you’d like to meet from the other regions or countries, we would strongly encourage you to send it to Sarah Van Haelst (, who is in charge of the event, so that we can contact the other regions and make this meeting possible in Luxembourg on September 26.

Participating regions are: Wallonia, Brussels, Luxembourg, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine, Saarland, and Rhineland Palatinate

Topics will focus on:

  • Leadership in Industrial and Enabling Technologies
    • Content & information: Big Data, Language Technologies, Creative Industries, Social Media, Gaming, Cognitive Systems, Interaction
    • Computing, Systems and Infrastructure
    • Components & Systems: cyber-physical systems, smart system integration, TOLAE
    • Key enabling technologies: micro- and nano-electronics, photonics
    • Future Internet: Network Technologies, Cloud Computing, Software & Services, Experimental Platforms
  • Societal challenges
    • ICT for Manufacturing
    • ICT for Health and Ambient Assisted Living
    • ICT for Energy Efficiency, Low Carbon Economy, Smart Cities & Sustainability
    • ICT for Transport
    • ICT for Inclusive, Innovative Societies: Culture, Education, Government, Inclusion
    • ICT Security, Trust, Privacy
  • Excellence in Science
    • Future & Emerging Technologies
    • High performance computing

Note: This event is complementary to the big H2020 brokerage event that will be held in Vilnius on 7 & 8 November 2013 at the occasion of the European Commission’s kick-off conference on Horizon 2020. Participation to one of these two events does not exclude participation to the other. NCP Brussels has foreseen a budget for Brussels-based SMEs to go to the B2B meetings in Vilnius on 7 & 8 November 2013, covering travel and accommodation arrangements on a first in / first served basis. More information on registration for this event will follow shortly.

Blog post by Tania Van Loon, ABE-BAO.