New functionalities with surface engineering: free white paper

Thanks to precision manufacturing, manufacturing companies can make all the difference with top products. Although there are a number of challenges regarding machinery, tools and processes. In six free white papers we uncover an equal number of opportunities for precision production. Part four goes into functionality as a result of surface engineering.

Sirris carried a detailed survey of Belgian manufacturing companies and their most important subcontractors that highlighted six areas where manufacturing companies could make a difference thanks to precision production. We have created a white paper for each of those areas. These appeared earlier in this series:

  1. Precision components in a very short space of time
  2. High-quality surface finish
  3. Finishing near-net-shape components

Smart surface

The fourth area is surface engineering. By making changes to the surface a component can be given new functionalities with a higher added value.

Hydrophobicity is one such functionality. Research has shown that the addition of micro- or nanotextures to the surface of a component can provide with water repellent properties. The water no longer sticks to the surface, but forms droplets and rolls off.

From the drawing table!

There are countless benefits: ice formation is no longer possible and the surface remains clean because the droplets carry off dust and other particles. Moreover, right at the design stage, designers can take into consideration the sections that reject water droplets. 

Do you want further information about extra functionality through surface engineering? Download free of charge our fourth white paper on precision production.

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