New: chemical structure search in PATENTSCOPE

A brand new function enables PATENTSCOPE users to conduct searches by chemical structure included in patent documents. This function recognises the names of chemical compounds or their structures, based on diagrams included in patent applications.

PATENTSCOPE, the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) database, offers access to international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications. Searches can be made using keywords, applicant names, international patent classification categories and via a large range of other search criteria and in different languages. 

Recently, an additional function was added, enabling searches based on chemical compound names in patent application texts and the recognition of their structure based on diagrams inserted within the same texts. 

This type of search applies to formulas developed equally in the title, abstract, claims and description fields. 

To launch a search, the user has a choice of three options:

  • Upload the structure of the chemical compound in formats such as png, gif, tiff, jpeg, etc.
  • Convert the structure using the chemical compound name: trade name, CAS name, InChI, InChIKey, SMILES, etc.
  • Edit the structure using a highly intuitive tool to draw or modify it.

In September 2017, PATENTSCOPE includes 51 national/regional collections on top of PCT applications.



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