Movilitas ends up with growth-hacking as product

In addition to the first four Factories of the Future, Belgium also has quite a number of fast expanding companies. This includes the Belgian branch of Movilitas, an international player in the field of traceability, logistics management and manufacturing. The company has not only successfully introduced growth-hacking, but has also converted the technology into a marketable product.

For Movilitas customers everything revolves around production efficiency and the ability to bring these products securely to the end-users. About 200 SAP consultants, who specialise in this field, work out of four offices in Europe and the United States. The Belgian head office is located in Perk, near Brussels. From here the company has grown internationally in the market for SAP applications, with the focus on traceability. 

Many companies are suffering from counterfeiting and fakes. Furthermore, regulations are often drawn up for these industries in order to defeat counterfeiting. Traceability is increasingly demanded by law in many important sectors including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive, and more and more in the foodstuffs sector. Moreover, traceability is also implemented for reasons of efficiency: making supply chains easier to trace and increased transparency in what goes on inside them.

This evolution has opened a wide-ranging market for the Belgian branch of Movilitas resulting in strong growth over the last few years. The company has identified great demand in the market for people who not only have knowledge of ERP environments, but also fully understand the production floor and logistics chain. This is where the company is trying to bridge the gap: whether it concerns management, administration, ERP or the employees on the production floor, Movilitas knows exactly what is done each day.  

From traceability to growth-hacking

The company set up a partnership with Sirris and Agoria in order to accelerate growth further. This eventually led to the growth-hacking project. Growth-hacking is an alternative to traditional marketing and sales techniques and used by (often new) companies wanting to achieve the greatest results with few people and resources. Concepts such as creativity, analytical thinking and metrics are used instead. Traditional marketing techniques are employed, but complimented with data modelling, extensive A/B testing and links to existing (social) platforms.

Together with its partners, Movilitas created a concept in which the social media networks of their own employees were used for marketing communications. This reached an enormous range of people. It resulted in overwhelming results from the first 1-day campaign - comparable with 50 to 100 campaigns through traditional channels. Everything was done on a fraction of the budget, with just a fraction of the effort. Moreover, the project has resulted in the creation of a specific software platform for growth-hacking.

Therefore Movilitas not only succeeded in creating a saleable product from growth-hacking, but also succeeded in increasing its visibility in the marketplace.

Over the next four weeks, Kanaal Z will be presenting four role models in its programme Z-Industry who have successfully transformed themselves for continued growth. Including Movilitas of course. View the film here: