More certainty as a result of coatings testing

In order to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, product developments are heading for ecology, sustainability, higher performance and longer service life. This also applies to coatings. Such innovations cannot come about without thorough testing. With their state-of-the-art testing laboratory, Sirris is meeting industries’ needs.

The testing of materials, components and end products is key for companies and their customers. There are several reasons for companies to have their new or to be improved coatings tested.

  • Testing can increase the competitiveness of a company, since it can demonstrate the added value of its product against those from competing companies.
  • Changes in the law are being capitalized on: environmentally friendly alternatives should be tested for their properties.
  • Testing is being enforced owing to the tightening of safety and product standards.

Tests in practice

Some examples to illustrate the importance of testing:

A first example is that of the evaluation of scratch resistance of ceramic coating in pans by Berghoff, a manufacturer of cookware. This cookware is equipped with a ceramic coating with easy-to-clean properties Berghoff wished to test the durability of coatings from different suppliers. A simulation of wear and tear along with abrasion was done through a linear Taber abrasion test, which involved moving a sponge over the coating under constant pressure. Contact angle measurements were carried out on the abrasion track at regular intervals; these allowed the decrease in the easy-to-clean properties of the different coatings to be evaluated. The results, combined with adhesion tests and scratch tests, enabled Berghoff to select the most effective coating.

A second example concerns durability testing: evaluating leather, suede and textile protection products for the Nanex Company, which specializes in commercializing innovative coatings on the basis of nanotechnology for the industrial and private market. The company's main products are protective and soil resistant coatings for applications on wood, stone, textile, leather and suede. In collaboration with Sirris, this company wanted to evaluate the durability of its products through simulations of soiling and cleaning in combination with artificial aging tests under the influence of UV light. In parallel, there was an investigation into the improvement of these products, wherein Sirris acted as an independent partner for coating advice and testing. To date, over 40 different formulations have been evaluated for abrasion resistance, UV resistance and easy-to-clean properties, and the first adjustments to formulations were made in production based on Sirris’s results.

Numerous tests, one point of contact

Sirris’s coating lab focuses mainly on durability testing (UV aging, wear and tear testing, corrosion testing, etc.), whether or not combined with tests that are able to measure the functionality of the layers after aging. Having tests carried out at Sirris however, comprises much more than this. Indeed, we not only have expertise in these in-house tests, but also in the standardizarion (link to standards unit page) and industry guidelines (automotive, food, construction, industry, etc.)

Sirris also has specific testing equipment for correctly evaluating various coating functionalities. Testing with us may be done from different perspectives: quality (product certification, compliance with guidelines or standards), a comparative study (benchmarking, coating selection and optimization), service life prognosis, etc. Depending on the terms of reference, another approach may be necessary.

That’s why Sirris helps you in selecting the right test methods, correct conditions and specifications for your particular issue. The correct assessment and interpretation of the results are as equally important as the test. With our years of experience, Sirris is the perfect partner for this.

In our laboratory, we’re able to carry out the usual standardized tests, but it doesn’t just stop there; we also apply a customer-specific approach with adjustments of test methods or combined tests.

Want to get to know our test laboratory for coatings better? Then come to our open day on November 30th! Our other test labs will also be represented. You can also come to us on this day with all your questions on metals, plastics, composites, coated components of your product.