Modernisation of copyright in Europe in the digital era

Within our digital world, the European Commission is working on reforming copyright. Copyright may, in particular, be simplified for scientific and educational purposes, hence facilitating text mining and data mining. 

The European Commission is looking to modernise EU rules on copyright. Proposals aim essentially to encourage the development and the dissemination of European culture and to increase cultural diversity and contents available online, whilst clarifying rules to all online service providers and users. Proposals also aim to provide tools for innovation to serve education, research and cultural heritage institutions. 

We can specifically expect improvements in copyright rules in the fields of research and education. 

On the one hand, the Commission proposes to adopt a new exception aimed at enabling teaching establishments to use materials for illustrative purposes during their educational activities, by means of digital tools and within the framework of cross-border on-line courses. 

On the other hand, it also wishes to enable researchers throughout the European Union to enjoy simpler use of text mining and data mining, in order to analyse large volumes of data, hence stimulating innovative research. For indeed, we know that practically all today's scientific publications are digital and that their total volume progresses from 8% to 9% per year on a worldwide scale.



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