Miniaturisation is a challenge for the Healthcare sector. Sirris is supporting a company in the development of a fluidic microdevice for extremely accurate blood analysis, to be used at the patient's bedside.

How the encounter between engineering and bio-medics is providing solutions in the health sector.

Ultrasonic moulding is pushing the limits of standard injection moulding and is offering infinite possibilities for the production of complex miniature parts.

Coris BioConcept, based in the province of Namur, launched a new, fully-automated medical diagnostic platform – a sort of portable laboratory no bigger than an office computer. Samples taken from the patient are entered into the device on various fluidic chips. Coris called on the expertise of SMALL-Lab to develop the biomedical analysis chip, which has microchannels measuring a fraction of a millimetre.

Since 2011 companies have been able to contact the Sirris Microfabrication AppLication Lab (SMALL) to find out more about the potential of microfabrication and miniaturisation. The machinery available for this has recently been increased resulting in laboratory facilities encompassing a comprehensive microfabrication chain. Moreover, the laboratory is involved in numerous projects and can also rapidly respond to emerging trends. This has been accomplished in close collaboration with industry and its partners.

Using its high precision milling machine, Sirris recently succeeded in applying micro-texturing to (stainless) steel and titanium surfaces. The micro-structure makes the surface water-repellent in exactly the same way as we see on the lotus leaf in nature.

How do you print a circuit or a sensor on your products? The answer is: AJP (Aerosol Jet Printing) ! To showcase this innovative technology and its benefits, Sirris Microfabrication AppLication Lab (SMALL) will be holding a number of exhibition sessions on 7 October as part of the Week of Miniaturisation (6 - 10 October 2014).

The possibilities of miniaturisation for product development appeal to the imagination. From healthcare to power supply or logistics: smaller devices provide unexpected benefits in many sectors. They astound due to their technological features, whereby they often go further than their larger counterparts. What can miniaturisation mean for your production? Be inspired during the Week of Miniaturisation, from 6 through to 10 October 2014 at the Sirris Microfabrication Application Lab (SMALL) in Seraing.