From September 2015 a number of training courses organised by the Belgian Welding Institute (BIL) will be starting up again. Registration is now open.

At times things got lively during the well-attended event organized by Sirris and Agoria on 30 March. Representatives of foundries and their customers presented their views of today and tomorrow and provided each other with feedback and tips. Foundries have a future in Belgium, provided that the necessary effort is made...

The 11th 2-day Dutch-language Welding Symposium will take place at the 'Stuurboord Antwerpen' on 24 and 25 November 2015. Together with their colleagues from the Netherlands Welding Institute, the Belgian Welding Institute takes pleasure in inviting you to participate in the Symposium.

On March 30 at the ‘Casting provides the route to tomorrow’s products’ event, the focus won’t only be on new foundry furnaces and surrounding services at the Zwijnaarde site, but also on the other initiatives for the foundry industry and consumers of foundry work. Some fascinating lectures and a panel discussion moderated by Marc Lambotte, CEO of Agoria, complete the programme.

This spring Sirris Zwijnaarde's activities with the foundry sector and its customers will be gathering momentum. The new foundry furnaces have already been commissioned and passed the initial tests with flying colours. Just before the 'Casting tomorrow's products' event later on this month, the seventh edition of the 'European Cast Iron Meeting' scientific event will take place.

The event 'Casting provides the route to tomorrow’s products' on 30 March will not just be focusing on the latest ovens recently installed at Zwijnaarde and the related services, but also on other initiatives for the foundries sector and customers for casting products.

Foundry products remain an important basis for many end products. The technology behind is not idle and is constantly gaining new impetus. Sirris and Agoria continue their support for the foundry industry and its customers through different initiatives. Which ones? You’ll get to know that at the event 'Casting provides the route to tomorrow’s products' on March 30th!