Meeting between plastics processing industry and microtechnology

Change2Micro wants to stimulate microprocessing of plastics in Flanders. Therefore, the project partners are organizing a seminar on November 13 to link the plastics processing industry to the member companies of FlandersBio and DSP Valley.

Change2Micro - with project partners IMEC-UGent/CMST, UGent PBM, VUB B-PHOT and SMALL-Lab - focuses on microprocessing of plastics. This concerns components with a weight in the order of milligrams, pieces with a surface area structuring in the micrometre domain (such as microfluid channels) and with tolerances in the micrometre range. Applicational areas are to be found in e.g. photonics, microelectronics, the (bio)medical world, sensing and microfluidics. The members of FlandersBio and DSP Valley are active within various application domains for the microprocessing of plastics: life sciences and smart electronic systems. 

The 'Innovation through polymer microtechnology’ seminar, which is taking place at imec, will be all about supply and demand, needs and facilities. Two boot camps are envisaged, and as icing on the cake it will be concluded with the opportunity of taking part in a guided tour of the ballroom type cleanroom of imec.

Want to know more? You can find the programme and practical information on our agenda!