Meet Global Player Amazon and Discover what IaaS Services can do for you

Amazon is coming to Belgium to unveil its view of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Do you wonder what the approach of this global player is? Do you want to know what this means concretely for you? Then come and ask your questions directly to the company’s experts!

IaaS pioneer Amazon will present a case reference in IaaS: AWS (Amazon Web Services). Amazon offers more than 25 different services. The most central and well-known services are Amazon EC2, for its computing capacity, and Amazon S3, for its storage capacity, both part of a much larger group (networking, content delivery, storage, database, deployment, etc.).

Various services and cost models are sometimes difficult for users to understand and evaluate. They give rise to different questions about availability, data lifespan, confidentiality and security. The workshop will provide you with valuable insight into AWS services and how they can be useful for your department and company.

Sirris is bringing Amazon to Brussels on 15 October, within the scope of a series of breakfast meetings on IaaS, where various large international players will give you the necessary information about IaaS and answer all your questions, even the technical ones.

You can find the practical information and the registration form here.