Do you want to be informed of the latest developments in the regulation and standardisation of pressure equipment? In collaboration with the Italian Sant'Ambrogio Servizi Industriali and the Belgian LVDV, Sirris and Agoria are organising a two-day masterclass on the status of the European legislation and standardisation for pressure equipment.

‘Flow Coating’ is ideal for coating items with complex geometrical structures. This technology provides a number of interesting benefits when compared to other coating technologies.

Because of the reinforcing mechanism of silicon alloyed cast iron along with the combination of additive pearlite-stabilising elements, a type of cast iron has been created that no longer has the most significant negative properties of Si alloyed cast iron: i.e., breakages caused by the brittleness on exposure to shock loading.

Functional surfaces add value to products, making them more competitive. These surfaces can be achieved with coatings, by applying structures or by a combination of both techniques. There are a huge amount of options. Sirris shows you this potential in a new e-book that is now ready for you to download.

Sirris is helping JTEKT Torsen to optimise its products through better materials management and layout.

New developments arise from the demand for sustainable, more qualitative coatings which combine functionalities. The use of new materials in different sectors and stricter regulations in terms of the use of harmful substances, make it necessary for coating and paint manufacturers to regularly adjust their formulas. In order to correctly evaluate newly developed compositions, it is essential to test them by means of methods which both focus on the coating and on the substrate.

Before coating a substrate, it is treated through manual cleaning, sanding, surface activation. Let’s look at the possibilities.

Despite their relatively long life cycle, the usage time of composites does not last forever. Certainly for larger composite constructions we have to take the life cycle into account. To find solutions for the processing of large composite structures, Sirris (SLC-Lab and OWI-Lab) together with Agoria and Go4cCircle launched the feasibility study CompositeLoop.

Pedeo Hogedrukgieterij is granted Belgium’s major design award for the design of a roller assembly for Reynaers Aluminium.

Wet-chemical drum coating is a new way of coating that is particularly well suited to large volumes of small parts. It allows these parts to be coated efficiently and cost-effectively. We will introduce you to the technology involved and the possibilities it opens up.