A growing market and stronger public awareness are accelerating the adoption of bio-based, biodegradable and recyclable products. But how can you identify and evaluate these products? And what is their current position in the circular economy? The Sirris and Centexbel webinar on 31 March will bring you up to date on this within the hour!

What about the future residual flow from offshore wind turbine blades? After a feasibility study and thorough consultation with various companies, Sirris is ready to take further steps towards concrete answers in a business-driven approach. You too can be part of the solution!

The intention to start using AM too often bumps into a lack of expertise and know-how. Here is where projects such as INSIDE metal AM come to your aid. It’s not just about selecting applications suited for AM, in a next step the right technologies for the job have to be identified and implemented. Here is your chance to learn all about this recently closed project.

For more than 30 years, the Liège-based family business Buzon has been developing and producing innovative adjustable pedestals for terraces for more than 30 years. This company attaches great importance to the quality of its product range, which it guarantees through regular testing.

Industrial blades are used for many different processes. Their service life depends to a great extent on the application. A new COOCK project aims to offer a solution by studying the crucially important parameters of material, surface treatment and core treatment.

The development of sustainable alternatives to wallpaper and wall finishes includes both the use of bio-based materials and the implementation of an end-of-life recycling strategy.

ECHT 2020 took place at the beginning of December. Due to the corona crisis, the conference was held online and not in Antwerp, as originally planned. The three-day conference mainly dealt with topics related to the carbon element in steel, such as carburising, carbonitriding, but also surface layers such as DLC.

In the INSIDE Metal AM project Sirris, CRM and BIL investigated the technological and economical feasibility of 3D printing with steel. Here is a short story about the demonstrator parts that were realised.

There is an increasing demand from the chemical sector for the use of biomass as a source for chemical products and processes. Therefore the focus now lies on improving current processes and regular research into the use of new forms of biomass. What is bio-based, what is the state-of-affairs and how is it validated? Sirris launched its first white paper on bio-based coatings.

Developments of renewable energy sources, such as ocean energy, can be accelerated if companies and research organisations work together. The Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN), in which OWI-Lab/Sirris is a partner, seeks to build and foster such collaborations through Collaborative Innovation Groups (CIGs). One CIG, focussing on corrosion monitoring, has recently been launched, and we need your input!