Masterclass 'Manufacturing pressure equipment according to EN 13445' by a top European expert

Sirris, Agoria and the Belgian Welding Institute are organising an intensive training session for 12 May about manufacturing and inspection in accordance with European standard EN 13445 for pressure equipment, which guarantees conformity with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Phil Bygate, chairman of the European technical committee and expert in the field, clarifies the directive, while comparing it with other international codes and also teaching you how to apply it in practice.

In most cases, pressure equipment sold in the European market must comply with European Directive 97/23/EC, also known as the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Europe has one of the most advanced standards that automatically guarantees conformity with the legislation - EN 13445. This standard includes state-of-the-art methods regarding the design and manufacture of pressure equipment and guarantees safety and efficiency.

In 2013, Sirris organised the first successful masterclass concerning the design and this year it is going to build on that with a masterclass dealing with manufacturing (chapter 4) and inspection (chapter 5). Once again we have invited a top expert to come to Belgium. 

Internationally famous speaker

Phil Bygate is chairman of European technical committees for EN 13445 and EN 269 (simple pressure vessels) and is therefore the ideal person to give a critical explanation about the standard. He is active in UK and European standardisation committees concerned with the manufacture and the materials and is also very familiar with the US equivalents ASME VIII and ASME B31.

This masterclass is a must for everybody active in the pressure vessel sector: design engineers, but also users, inspection bodies and engineering consultants. Would you like to know how EN 13445 works, and what you must look out for, and also the strengths and weaknesses with respect to other international standards? Register now!