Masterclass 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' gives tips & tricks for success

Switching to AM successfully for the manufacture of prototypes and functional components starts with an adjusted design. How to start? On 30 September and 1 & 23 October, Sirris is organising a masterclass that will provide you with everything you need to design components specifically for AM, so you can also benefit from all AM related advantages.

AM has been used as a standard for the manufacture of prototypes for a long time, but moreover is now also more and more used in functional components. In order to successfully apply AM, it is crucial to have all necessary knowledge of the technology, including knowledge regarding the adjustment of designs to the technology. This masterclass will give you all the required information.

What does the masterclass offer you? 

  • We will go through a classic design process and for each step will look at the knowledge required for the successful implementation of AM.
  • We will look at the ins and outs of no less than 15 different AM techniques explaining all advantages and disadvantages.
  • We will look at the broader context in which AM fits and look at a range of practical design guidelines, design tools and other tips & tricks.
  • In parallel with the design process, we will treat a company-specific case that you can bring along, so that you can literally take the absorbed knowledge home with you. 

This masterclass provides a broad and detailed overview of the AM technologies, their possibilities and limitations. Based on this, you will be able to make a well-founded choice between conventional production methods and AM technology and specific design methods for the AM technology.

Would you like to join? You can find the programme, registration and practical information here !