Masterclass dealing with one-of-a-kind production for construction and composites by using adaptive moulds

We put a number of fast, green and flexible processing methods in the spotlight in a series of masterclasses on cutting-edge technologies for composite production. After four successful masterclasses, the fifth and final masterclass will follow on 19 February. The theme of this masterclass is one-of-a-kind production using adaptive moulds. It promises an interesting mix of theory and practice.

The ‘Composite production of tomorrow’ master classes form part of the Generation Composite project. During these practice-orientated sessions, the SLC Lab will introduce you to fast, green and flexible working with composite materials.

The technologies to be discussed are:

  • Faster production than with the traditional hand lay-up
  • Greener, more environmentally friendly production by using closed-mould technologies.
  • Flexible production by using reconfigurable moulds and cheaper prototypes.

What can you expect?  In the morning there will be a theoretical section offering an overview of the various reconfigurable mould technologies. This will be given by speakers from TU Eindhoven (Eindhoven University of Technology), Adapta, SurfaceGeneration, FDTechnologies and OptmalForming. In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to explore the technologies further in the SLC Lab during interactive sessions with the speakers. The afternoon concludes with a reception.  

Like to know more? You can find the programme and all practical information here

These masterclasses are part of the NIB2 project Generation Composites with support from Agentschap Ondernemen and Nieuw Industrieel Beleid.