Many opportunities to be found in tangent plane machining

‘Tangent plane machining’ is a new milling strategy, developed by OPEN MIND. This machining strategy uses conical barrel tools, having an extreme large radius, that allows larger path distances for the same theoretical scallop height. The main advantages are time savings of up to 90 per cent, a better surface quality level and a longer tool life.

The surface quality (scallop height) with milling is influenced by the tool radius and the depth of cut (ap) or step width (ae). The bigger the tool radius is, the less the scallop height will be with the same step width. With a ball nose cutter, the tool diameter is double the tool radius, so for having a big radius, the tool diameter will become very large, what is not feasible in practice (commercial availability, geometric limitations). To tackle this problem, a barrel cutter can be used, including a combination of an extreme large radius in the cutting zone and a normal diameter.

More information to be found in VDI Integrierte Produktion 9/2015.

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