Manufacturing companies show interest in rapid production of prototypes and small series

A successful first roadshow in a series of five on 'precision manufacturing' took place on 22 April. At Asco in Zaventem, 23 participants received an explanation on recent developments within precision production and advanced production technologies. This day's central theme was the rapid production of prototypes and small series, a subject concerning an increasing number of companies.

Ever-greater competition from low-wage countries, shorter time to market, and mass customisation make it necessary for our companies to differentiate themselves through short delivery periods; and the programme of this first roadshow was a response to this. 

The presentation by Sirris focused primarily on reducing lead times, on the one hand by utilising the optimisation potential within the work-preparation chain, and on the other hand by collaborating with the right partner companies (pooling). During the presentation by VCST, which is active in the automobile sector, participants heard how crucially important prototypes are, and what their role is when manufacturing new, low-noise gearboxes. Lastly ASCO, active in the aviation sector, demonstrated how it deals with relatively small yet high-value product series, and what resources are applied in order to guarantee quality also remains guaranteed here one by one. 

This was supplemented with an engaging guided tour of ASCO, where participants were able to further acquaint themselves with the many impressive FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) lines, on which titanium parts were processed almost fully-automatically. 

If you would like to know when the next roadshow on precise production is taking place, you will find all the information here