Manufacture more flexibly and more efficiently with additive manufacturing

Faster and more cost-efficient prototyping? More flexible and efficient production? Discover how this can be done on 7 June.

Fast and cost-efficient prototyping? Flexible production with lower material wastage? Lighter products? Additive manufacturing makes all this possible. During our event on June 7th you can learn all about this fascinating technology and the professional guidance we can offer for its smooth implementation.

This is possible because Sirris has more than a quarter of a century of experience with this technology. We were involved right at the start of this fascinating technology and are now one of the top European companies involved in researching and implementing it.

From prototypes to the production line

These days AM is making a big noise in industry. It has become the standard for prototyping. Unsurprisingly, of course, as AM makes development faster and more cost-efficient. In addition, the techniques are increasingly used for production. They let you print complex assemblies in one operation. Moreover, companies can manufacture in a more flexible way, without minor product changes having a major impact on the production process. It can also allow products to be lighter, with more and/or better features such as more efficient heat transfer. And all of this with a much more efficient use of materials.

There will be a lot involved in the rollout of AM in your production environment. It all starts with adapting the design and concept of what you manufacture. Then the production flow must be completely redrawn and new infrastructure will be needed. And at the end of the journey the products must still meet all the relevant standards.

Sirris gets companies started

Companies that want to implement AM can therefore count on our years of experience and extensive know-how. More than 20 experts are ready to examine all the opportunities and help introduce the techniques to the production processes.

This is how our experts guide your design department in developing components. They deal with the various techniques, supply practical design rules and tools and run through the entire design process.

But you can also count on our advice during the implementation of the production process. We make available our impressive stock of machines - the most diverse of its type in Europe - so that you can experiment with as many as 15 different AM techniques.

Are you wondering what AM can do for your organisation? Then you should not miss our event on June 7 in Liege! You can see our presentations on the evolution of technology, discover interesting cases and techniques, speak with our experts ... And a visit to our impressive infrastructure is naturally part of the programme! 

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