Making the shift from disruptive to Hyper Scalable

How do you adopt Hyper Scalability to change your company for the future? We explore the limits of the disruptive innovation philosophy and highlight why future success requires companies to adopt Hyper Scalable thinking to succeed in winner-takes-all markets.

Man cannot live by disruption alone

Disruptive innovation is a concept pioneered by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. Unlike his famous predecessor Michael Porter who was interested in the success of companies, Christensen focuses on why businesses fail. In his bestseller The Innovator’s Dilemma Christensen describes why big companies tend to focus on incremental rather than disruptive innovation, finding that pursuit of the latter would undermine short term profitability. His book is a distant echo of the creative destruction concept formulated in 1942 by the influential economist Joseph Schumpeter. Christensen argues that every business must be disruptive or will get disrupted. Disruption became the mantra of Silicon Valley where entrepreneurs are busy launching the next killer app. 

Time for a new revolution? 

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