Live on the coated side of life!

Curious as to which coating or functionality can increase your profit margin? Or do you have a specific problem for which a surface treatment is the solution? The Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab is going on tour over the next few months with its own roadshows and will present the benefits and application possibilities of coatings to you!

Does the word coating or surface treatment remind you of the paint on your shed or waxing your car? Coatings contain much more than that! Even your smartphone and car interior now have additional functionalities thanks to surface treatments. Coatings can no longer be ignored from today’s society. A lot of the products we use every day are more often than not visibly coated, which is not surprising if you know that a surface treatment can provide a new or additional property to the materials used. 

Unfamiliar means unappreciated 

The importance of coatings cannot be underestimated, as research into new surface treatments and functionalities offers ever more new application possibilities. New coatings are often first developed for a defined application in a specific sector. However, the same coatings can also provide solutions in other sectors. Despite the many possibilities, available technology and proven added value of coatings, they are not yet generally accepted. 

Protective coatings were already an important segment of many applications in a large number of sectors and the benefits of newer developments, such as coatings with low-friction, thermal barriers and antireflection only help increase the economic interest of a good surface treatment. Recently developed coating properties, such as easy-to-clean, antimicrobial or anti-fingerprint are as still lesser known, but can also provide a high added value to products. 

An additional benefit is that a surface treatment is an additional process that has a non-disruptive impact on existing business processes. Coating technology is also immediately useable through coating providers and can be implemented if so desired 

Roadshows and live events

Together with Agoria Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab has recently started on the project ‘Targeted innovation with functional coatings’ (in Dutch) . With this project the Lab want to make companies aware of the importance of innovating using surface treatments. It wants to show that coatings have a high added value and that a large number of these technologies are mature and immediately applicable by proactively approaching companies in a targeted way, organising regional theme days and innovation events where concrete innovations and applications are the main focus. 

Concretely the Smart Coating Application Lab will start in October with a series of roadshows through Flanders to bridge the gap between the potential of surface technologies and their applications. The engineers of the Application Lab as well as external experts will provide an overview of the current possibilities of surface treatments. As well companies from various sectors will provide testimonials on how surface treatments have provided added value for them, and concrete applications will be looked at more closely. 

If you also want to learn about the potential of surface treatments and coatings at the process and/or product level, come to the roadshows! Click here for practical information!