Liquidmetal: stronger than titanium

Liquidmetal Technologies has developed highly specialized alloys and a manufacturing process that allow high-strength, precision parts to be injection molded in a single manufacturing step.

Liquidmetal LM105 ( is a metal comprised of zirconium, titanium, copper, nickel, and aluminum. When conventional metallic alloys cool from their molten state to a solid, atoms naturally form a crystalline structure comprised of many small crystalline grains. The specific ratio of elements slows crystallization. When cooled quickly enough, the alloy solidifies in an amorphous (i.e., glass) state, precluding crystallization. As a result, the alloy retains the extremely dense amorphous atomic structure that characterizes glasses and gives Liquidmetal alloys its superior mechanical and chemical properties. 

Products made out of Liquidmetal are very hard but elastic at the same time. For example steel has an elasticity of 0.2 % and titanium 1 %. Liquidmetal alloys have an elasticity of 2 %. The weight ratio is low and corrosion resistance high. The material is stronger than the toughest titanium. The material is suited for heavy duty precision components.

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(Source photo: Liquidmetal Technologies)