Lighter composite tanks for Eloy Water

Eloy Water commissioned Sirris to develop a set of new wastewater treatment tanks made of thermosetting composite, to supplement its range of traditional concrete tanks. The Belgian water treatment specialist's aim was to be able to offer reliable and affordable treatment units that are easier to produce, store, handle and install.

Every year, Sprimont-based company Eloy Water manufactures, transports and installs thousands of wastewater treatment plants for individual houses or housing estates. Each plant includes a concrete tank holding up to 20,000 litres. For ease of handling, Eloy Water has supplemented its concrete range with a range of tanks made of composite material, which is lighter and more versatile. The company asked Sirris to design a tank made of thermosetting composite material, meeting the same requirements as traditional concrete tanks. The tank bases and lids had to be interchangeable across all models in the range. The tanks also needed to be stackable for ease of storage and transport. 

Sirris drew on its expertise in composites to design and size all elements of the tanks according to these various requirements.

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