Learning network Circular Economy Connect starts second cycle

The ‘factory of the future’ is circular. Whether it is to reduce material costs, anticipate new legislation, respond to changing customer requirements or reduce their ecological footprint, companies will evolve towards more circular business models. The learning network Circular Economy Connect wants to help you with this and starts the second cycle.

Frontrunners are already implementing circular economy, but they are still facing hurdles.  In any case, if they wait too long, companies risk being squeezed out of the market. Small-scale experiments can help them find out what does and does not work at little risk.  Despite the recent 'hype' around circular economy, there are no readymade answers for implementing the principles of circular economy on the shop floor.  Sirris and Agoria believe companies can learn from each other's good and harder experiences. 

Topics that will be dealt with 

That is why, in the autumn of 2016, we launched Circular Economy Connect, a learning network about circular economy for and from technology companies. The second cycle is due to start in the autumn of 2017. 

Still not a member of Circular Economy Connect?  Now is your chance to join us!  You will find out all about the following topics:

  • recycling & remanufacturing (using old products to manufacture 'same as new' products)
  • circular product design
  • financing and accounting for circular business models based on selling a service rather than a product
  • (big) data management and digital technologies to support circular solutions  

Cross-pollination and best practices

In the learning network, a set group of 'like-minded' companies meets four times in a period of one year.  The interaction between companies allows cross-pollination and helps find concrete solutions for shared challenges.  Best practices are discussed and we organise field tours of interesting companies. Carefully selected (international) technical experts bring additional knowledge and inspiration into the network.  We invite policy makers to join us in a discussion about the remaining obstacles in the legislation and regulations.  And under the guidance of an experienced coach, participants are prompted to translate the knowledge gained into tangible, next steps that they will implement in order to make their management model more circular. We will be working on these 'next steps' also in-between meetings.

The learning network is the ideal combination of networking opportunities and themed-based training, combining theory and practice.    

What companies say ... 

Two companies which participated in the first cycle speak:

“Customers, companies as well as the environment profit from circular models.  Even though the principles behind the circular economy are easy to understand, their implementation gives rises to various challenges. The learning network offers an excellent way to exchange insights and experiences.  In a productive, constructive and pleasant atmosphere possible solutions are sought. The industry testimonials and case studies provide important inspiration and bring to the surface interesting cross-company and cross-sectoral patterns.” - Stijn Broucke, Atlas Copco

“The learning network allowed us to move outside of our comfort zone and to trigger new discussions and views within the company. I was really surprised about the level of details and practical aspects that were shared during the learning network sessions.  The company testimonials and visits made showed how the theory was put in practice. This learning initiative made clear that circular economy is not just a buzzword; circular economy is reality and leading to new business models.  A must for every innovative company!  - Jan Daem, Barco

The Circular Economy Connect network meets on the following Thursdays 14 December 2017, 18 January 2018, 26 April 2018, 6 September 2018, each time from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm. Each company is charged EUR 750 (ex. VAT) for the 4 sessions. You and several colleagues can take part.

Interested? Contact us quickly because the number of places is limited.