Lea(r)n Pricing teaches your startup how to get the selling price right

The product has been developed, the team is already in the starting blocks and your startup is ready to take over the world. But is the product you are trying to sell priced correctly? ‘Lean Pricing’ could provide a solution.

What is the right price, how do you set it and then tell everybody what it is? Pricing is a powerful, though often underestimated, way of successfully bringing a product or service to market. Next to the business model, it is the only way to obtain your share of the added value created for the customer that flows back to your own business. One of the reasons that makes pricing a sensitive issue for companies is that it has an impact on everything the company stands for. Pricing can even influence all the relevant aspects of the company. It forms an inseparable part of your product or service.

The exact significance of a price and how to determine the ideal level is explained in my guest blog on the 'Silicon Canals' website and also in the book 'Lean Pricing'.