Sirris’ Precision Manufacturing department recently presented its newest addition to the industry: the femtosecond laser machine is now ready for use by companies in our machine hall in Diepenbeek. It can be used to add functionalities to surfaces.


Sirris made steel surfaces water-repellent by applying texture to the surface by means of its femtosecond laser. This technology opens up several possibilities for the functionalization of metal surfaces.

Self-lubricating machine components, ice-free turbine blades, self-cleaning mudguards, ... you can increase your competitiveness by giving extra value to your products through surface functionalities. You can do so by providing the surface with a texture, by means of coating or laser texturing. In order to further expand its offer of surface functionalization, Sirris has acquired a high-precision femtosecond laser, unprecedented in the Benelux. From now on, you can also count on us for laser texturing! Come and see for yourself on 13 June!


Companies going for cleantech and eco-compliance deserve to be supported in several ways. The impact resulting from such a choice should not be underestimated and is actually essential for the future.

The demand for extra functionality on components is increasing. Texturing can be applied to plastic surfaces for example, which often proves to be a long-lasting, cheap and rapid solution. Sirris and KU Leuven have been able to create a superhydrophobic surface by introducing a cavity pattern to a mould insert and then using it in injection moulding trials. The technology permits the quick and efficient application of complex structures without the need for heating.

simulatie laserharden

Integrated laser hardening offers many advantages when producing mechanical components, but generating the correct laser parameters for new materials and surface conditions is often a process of experimentation. Simulation therefore offers a solution for making this process faster and easier.

The biannual MTMS Machineering exhibition taking place this year between 22 and 24 March at Brussels Expo will be presenting visitors with what suppliers and their partners have to offer for dealing with the transformations that will be taking place in production, assembly and supplies during the run up to 2020.

Ultra-fast femtosecond lasers remove material not through heat, but with the instantaneous creation of a plasma. The technology really lends itself to high precision application of functionalities by way of texturing.

Integrated laser hardening provides solutions for hardening thin, elongated objects that warp during traditional hardening processes. It also offers other advantages.

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in the area of laser technology and ECM it has become easier to give components and tools increased functionality. This is done by texturing or giving structure to surfaces.