What is profitable today will have been replaced by a better solution by tomorrow. You know better than anyone else the need for innovation to stay ahead of your competitor or partner. New technologies often lie at the root of these changes. Staying informed is therefore a must!

Industrial blades are used for many different processes. Their service life depends to a great extent on the application. A new COOCK project aims to offer a solution by studying the crucially important parameters of material, surface treatment and core treatment.

LED lighting is currently breaking through in various branches of the lighting industry. This type of lighting is powerful, economical and has limited dimensions. For a more efficient production, femtosecond laser technology can be used.

Friction between moving parts plays an important role in many applications. The lower the friction, the less energy is needed to move parts and the less wear and tear will occur. Research at Sirris has shown that applying small holes in sliding surfaces has a positive effect on friction behaviour.

What is the role of surface functionalities and, in particular, the role of textures, in the manufacturing industry in Belgium? That is the question we asked our member companies last summer with a view to rolling out a service on surface textures. The (concise) results are presented in this article.

Looking for a technology for creating very small structures? The laser pulse duration with femtosecond laser technology is so short that the material does not have the time to heat up and immediately evaporate, so that protruding edges do not arise.

The potential of lasers has become huge thanks to recent technological developments, thereby also increasing the potential of surface functionalisation by means of laser texturing. New functionalities and possibilities become available to the industry and Sirris will investigate these for you.

Thanks to the latest technological advances lasers can perhaps in the future be used in the fight against copying by providing products with a texture.

Using laser technology for marking is growing rapidly. Various suppliers of laser marking equipment are presenting what they have to offer at the EMO trade fair in Hanover in Germany.

During the PLI conference in Colmar on 25 and 26 September, the latest results from the laser community for scaling up the femtosecond laser were presented.