Keynote by Airbus sets AM Integrated Factory off to a flying start

On 14 November Sirris presents a pilot of an 'AM integrated Factory', a production line which combines several state-of-the-art technologies: LBM (laser beam melting), 5-axis high-precision milling, laser hardening, surface functionalization by means of a femtosecond laser and operator support by means of a  cobot. At this festive event the keynote speaker will be Jon Meyer from Airbus. 

With the ‘AM integrated factory’ Sirris actually brings the idea of the 'factory of the future' to the shop floor. This pilot shows that several recent breakthrough technologies can now be integrated into one production line, which makes production not only quicker and more accurate, but also promises to perform ‘first time right’. This approach is fully in line with the Airbus approach. That is why it is truly an honour that we are able to welcome Jon Meyer as keynote speaker. 

Jon Meyer is the Additive Manufacturing  Roadmap Owner of Airbus. His enthusiasm for new technology is contagious. He builds bridges between people who have insight into how solving problems and people who understand new technology. He also shares the intention to make AM (additive manufacturing) evolve from a novelty to a value adding form of production. 

It is no coincidence that Airbus is investing R&T effort on the integration of AM in the production process. The technology indeed has a large potential for the agile production of lightweight components and function integration in the aviation industry. Components do need post-treatment before they can be used. This brings some practical challenges for production, more specifically in terms of accuracy, fixation ... The focus lies on industrialisation from a practical perspective. 

Do you want to hear Jon Meyer talk about additive manufacturing in the production of Airbus? Come to the official start-up of our AM Integrated Factory on 14 November! All details are available in our agenda!

Sirris developed its own AM integrated factory in the context of the new EFRO project ‘Integration of 3D metal printing’. Read more about this project here.