Kanigen Works, pionieer in chemical nickel plating, widens the plating field

Kanigen Works specialises in the chemical nickel plating of technical products. The group has two factories: in Genk in Belgium and Haute-Savoie in France. The company already started with nickel plating in 1960 and was at the basis of the process in Europe. The recent economic crisis led Kanigen Works undertake to seek new opportunities and to expand their application field. Sirris ensures support.  

Kanigen Works’ pure chemical nickel plating process, also called electroless nickel plating, allows the highly accurate application of a layer of uniform thickness on precision components so that these become corrosion and wear resistant. This way the company is able to meet the extremely demanding requirements of various players from the automotive, semiconductor, offshore and other industries. 

Qualitative pioneer

Because the industry was going through a hard times in recent years, Kanigen Works started looking for ways to remain profitable in the long term. One of the opportunities that the company saw was adding other properties to the nickel layer, in addition to wear and corrosion resistance. And in order to realize such innovations it called upon Sirris. 

"We first became acquainted at a project where Sirris had selected our coating for the coating of components for tow bars," says Mark Decker, technical sales manager at Kanigen Works. “It was then that we got to know about the expertise and capabilities of Sirris. Today we mainly rely on Sirris’ expertise when we need specialized measuring equipment to solve quality problems or to develop coatings with new properties. Furthermore Sirris often acts as a neutral third party at technical meetings with clients."

During the first roadshow the Smart Coating Application Lab, Mark Decker explains how the collaboration with Sirris came about.