At the end of 2018 the European Patent Office organised its first conference on the patentability of Blockchain and its applications.

What are the provisions to be made when a company has students or trainees who participate in innovative projects generating intellectual property with added value?

26 April was World Intellectual Property (IP) Day. The aim of this day was to make Belgian entrepreneurs aware of the importance of intellectual property rights.

A webcast describes the subsidies available to companies for filing patents in the Walloon Region.

A webcast for understanding what costs should be planned for when you want to file a patent.

OPRI has released some data on Belgian patents and patent applications and on Benelux marks coming from Belgium.

WIPO is offering a new online service that is simpler and more powerful for monitoring international trademarks according to the Madrid System.

The EPO has undertaken a survey on the role of patent information in the process of innovation.

In the case of collaborative R&D projects, companies sign agreements on how the results of joint research should be shared. However, too often, they neglect legally applicable restrictions relating to competition.

To contribute towards a more balanced patent system within our interconnected world, Google is launching shared licences for Android.