Anna Hristoskova
Nicolás González-Deleito

Recent developments in distributed AI on the edge result in new approaches to secure & targeted distributed analytics. Within Sirris, in the scope of several research projects, we are exploring energy- and resource-efficient scaling of AI-based applications among the existing edge infrastructure, while preserving privacy-sensitive data.

Samuel Milton

In a world of ever-changing demands and customisation, the batch sizes get smaller and smaller every day. This means that adaptive technology is needed more than ever in manufacturing, especially in machining processes. What is it, why is it important and how to achieve an adaptive machining process? And how can we help you?

Jithu Nair

With the massive progress made in computer vision and the easy availability of cheap computational power in recent years, the huge demand for smart solutions to be delivered on small single board computers could be easily met. More and more, computer vision algorithms are being deployed for vision on a variety of edge use cases such as drones, security cameras, mobile applications, retail analytics, ...

Jakob Kesteloot

Connectivity is key for all machines and production systems in a connected factory. It means getting data in and out of devices and software systems. The Umati initiative (universal machine technology interface) supports this issue by promoting open standards. Because of its importance Sirris decided to become its first Belgian partner.

Pieter Beyl

Many companies that build physical products are increasingly aware of the potential of smart(er) products and the Internet of Things, and are exploring what this can mean for their product and business. Easier said than done.

Mark Van Pee

In these times of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) we may think that a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or an IIoT backbone has become an absolute requirement to digitally connect the office (the ERP) with the shop floor. In this first of two articles we look at whether this is always the case.

Pieter Beyl
Bas Rottier

Sirris recently published the WatSlim project, an e-book guide about smart connected products. This guide is an answer to questions and needs faced by product builders during the development of these products.

Pieter Beyl
Bas Rottier

More and more smart connected products pop up around us and more technology is available on the market to make smart internet-of-things (IoT) solutions. Many companies that build physical products wonder whether and when they should take steps.

Fabienne Windels

European Member States launched a cross-border market surveillance campaign in 2019 in order to evaluate the conformity of 'intelligent' household appliances with legislation relating to these products. The conclusion is that it would be wise to raise awareness of the specific legal requirements for integrating wireless connectivity within a product.

Thierry Coutelier
Marc Ansay

The market for connected products and devices is booming. For many businesses, it is essential to make the most, whilst guaranteeing the quality of the products they market and full command of all the skills associated with a field that remains unfamiliar to many.