‘Invisible but functional’: Sirris’ fifth Smart Coating Roadshow

The fifth smart coating roadshow takes place at our location in Diepenbeek on 30 September. In addition to the presentation of various, popular coatings, a visit has also be arranged to our smart coating infrastructure. 

The added value of coatings

Many products in daily use are finished with a coating or protective layer. Although they are usually invisible, they add important functionality: from corrosion-proofing to smart tags. The opportunities given by coatings nowadays go much further than that offered by simply painting or varnishing. The improved properties (e.g. improved grip) and new functionalities (e.g. self-cleaning) offer your products a new image and added value.  

A mixture of theory and practice

In the ‘Live on the coated side of life!’ series, the Sirris technology centre shares its experiences with wet chemical coatings. In the fifth roadshow we will be focusing on the functionality of a number of popular coatings that can be applied invisibly. We will be telling you how the coatings work, and whether commercial solutions are already available, and also the types of applications they best suit. The sessions are further illustrated using case studies from our Smart Coating Application Laboratory and a visit to our new infrastructure that has been in operation since April. 

‘Teaching by demonstration’

The Sirris Smart Coating Application Laboratory was recently expanded with a modern spray booth equipped with all the facilities for treating, coating and curing products. We have also installed a ‘teach-by-demonstration’ robot that needs just the minimum of programming to copy exactly what the operator wants. This has made the coating process much more accessible, even for small businesses. 

Would you like to find out more about coatings and innovative processes? Then visit us in Diepenbeek on 30 September! The programme, practical information and registration form can be found in our agenda

You can also visit our brand new Precision Manufacturing Laboratory that is opening its doors on the same day. Experts use this cell to carry out research for example into new technologies involving complex milling processes that have an accuracy greater than the width of a human hair. You can find further information about this here.