What are the essential points of a confidentiality agreement?

The location and mailing address and the e-mail address of the Intellectual Property Office (Belgium) have changed.

The OHIM is changing to the EUIPO.

The Belgian Office for Intellectual Property (OPRI) has announced new charges for patents from 1 January 2016.

In 2016 the Walloon Region is introducing a new service to enterprises in the form of Intellectual Property Cheques subsidised up to 75% to pay for services related to using patents as information sources performed by a provider such as Sirris.

Certain types of links on websites may violate copyright, trademark and/or unfair competition laws.

Unitary patents are being set up: at the end of June, the EPO set the amount of applicable renewal fees. For the 25 EU member states they will represent the equivalent of the fees paid in the four countries most often requested today.

The EPO has calculated that under the beer tents, you can find inventions protected by more than 2,000 European patents, with a special place for taps!

The new Dutch-language e-learning module series called ThatsIP was launched recently, and covers the subject of intellectual property (IP). As well as students and teachers, businesses wanting to know more about IP can also use it for free.

Google has launched a new version of its patent search tool so that it is now possible to search for and work with scientific literature with the same CPC classification.