Innovation platform provider draws inspiration from European project

CogniStreamer is one of the leading players on the collaborative innovation software market. It provides a software platform and accompanying guidance which are all about taking a systematic approach to innovation. It draws inspiration and is supported by expertise from the ITEA ACCELERATE project launched and implemented with Sirris.

Since 2008, CogniStreamer has been the market leader in the field of collaborative innovation software and associated services, with its customers including a number of major international brands. The platform ensures that a company systematically supports its workers' good ideas, making it possible to manage the innovation process more effectively and efficiently.

The company continuously invests in next-generation technology. This led it to conclude that it was no longer the software itself that provided the value, but increasingly the innovative ecosystems - communities of people who share knowledge, generate ideas and collaborate to create outstanding products and services. Support from social software technology is vital in this regard. Nowadays, there is a growing need for accelerated innovation, and open ecosystems for innovation are an effective way to achieve this. This has made the human aspect crucial.

In this regard Director of Innovation, Research & Development Wim Soens realized how difficult it could be to grow as an SME and that public funds and project programs such as ITEA could provide the boost needed to achieve this, as the company had to build up a completely new set of knowledge about semantic technology, social sciences, big data analysis, and algorithm development.

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You will find this success story and many others in the Sirris annual report of 2016.