Innovation in measuring and monitoring your water usage

The Flemish SME Hydroko has developed a combined water control valve and water meter that can be read-off and controlled remotely. The product represents a turnaround and innovation in several areas.

Hydroko NV, an SME located in Kapelle-op-den-Bos that specialises in manufacturing valves, has recently launched an innovative type of water meter.

Traditional water meters and control valve systems for potable water require a great deal of manual intervention by the water utilities and their customers. This has many financial, environmental and monitoring-related consequences. It led Hydroko to develop a solution: 'HydroKonekt Smart’. This is an automated control valve that can be adjusted by the water utility at any time and from any place. The 'HydroKonekt Smart' can send data automatically by way of any communications technology. This provides the end user with information about daily consumption as well as warning about any leaks.

Hydroko developed this wireless water meter in collaboration with Imec. The SME furthermore decided to re-shore its production back to Belgium from Asia. This will allow them to respond quickly to customer enquiries. The company expects to sell hundreds of thousands of these meters in the coming years.

Hydroko has called-in the services of Sirris for help in setting up and automating its production process. This will involve minimising the processing times, developing innovative automation solutions and examining the entire production chain to obtain a cost-efficient process.