‘Innovatieve Coatings’ Cluster celebrates its first anniversary

The ‘Innovatieve Coatings’ cluster is organising an annual event on 1 February to mark its first anniversary. In addition to an overview of what has been happening and what we can expect, various member testimonials will be discussed, plus a keynote speech by Piet Verhoeve (Hangar K).

A year ago the 'Innovatieve Coatings' cluster project was established by CoRI, Centexbel and Sirris, with support from VLAIO, as an IBN (innovative business network). The project aims at setting up projects between different companies in the coating sectors via supply and demand and acts as the contact point where companies from different coating sectors can go to with all sorts of questions. The cluster now boasts 70 members.

During the annual event there will also be various testimonials relating to the advantages offered by the cluster, followed by a keynote speech by Piet Verhoeve, CEO at Hangar K, about his book ‘Win-winnovation’.

Interested? Take a quick look at the agenda and register for the event completely free of charge!

More information on the cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’ is available here