The InnEEplas project presents a benchmark for the Flemish plastics processing industry

During the closing event of InnEEplas - Innovatieve Speerpunttechnologieën voor Energie-Effectiviteit & Efficiëntie in het kunststofverwerkingsproces - the partners will evaluate the project. They will present a benchmark for the Flemish plastics processing industry. Some companies will be providing testimony. (in Dutch)

The plastics processing industry is a key sector for Flanders: some 400 to 450 companies, mostly SMEs, have to operate in a extremely competitive international environment. The energy component of a plastic product forms about 5-10 per cent of the total product cost. A well-directed intervention, similar to those already operating in neighbouring European countries, can therefore bring about a strong productivity boost. 

To achieve this, the three-year InnEEPlas project was started on 1 March 2013. The aim of the project was to make a number of key technologies for cooling and residual heat recovery in plastics processing better known and to promote their adoption by Flemish plastics processors. 

This involved both a collective aspect and individual support in the form of “process orientation”. Some 50 plastics processors subscribed for the process orientation. Thanks to this specific approach, significant energy saving potential could be revealed. By using the data collected in this way, it is possible to establish an energy efficiency benchmark for Flemish plastics processors. This benchmark will be presented on 24 March during the closing event. In addition, some leading plastics processing companies will talk about how they use energy. 

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