Industry 4.0 applications: help build up experience for your business

Industry 4.0 is about the advent of the internet and flexible automation on the factory floor as well as rapid digital transformation within the manufacturing industry. It enables individual products to be manufactured more flexibly with similar levels of productivity to mass production. Industry 4.0 is a long-term vision, but many applications offer major opportunities to boost the competitiveness of manufacturing companies in the short term. With such a broad range of available options, it is virtually impossible for manufacturing companies, and SMEs in particular, to know what approach to adopt now in order to exploit these opportunities in a way that suits them.

That is why Sirris is setting up a European Cornet project in partnership with the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The aim of the project is to develop a number of practical demonstrators to help companies learn and come up with ideas on how the components fit together and what options are open to them. As part of this project, Sirris wishes to collaborate actively with companies in a steering group: these firms will provide specifications and cases, and will be the first to learn from the demonstrators and experiment with practical applications. We are keen to bring together both manufacturing companies and technology providers (e.g. automation companies or software application integrators).      

Sirris is looking for companies interested in joining the project’s steering group. If you are grappling with the application of Industry 4.0 in your business or are planning your own Industry 4.0 application, please do get in touch with us. We’ll then look together at what the project might mean for your company.