Industry 4.0 is the future, that much is clear. However, what this means in practice, is not so clear. Over the past months Sirris has been building its 4.0 Made Real Pilot Factory to materialise the 'Industry 4.0' concept using nine digital building blocks. The time has finally come. We will reveal our 4.0 Made Real infrastructure on 7 November.

How far are companies with their Industry 4.0 implementation? Does the economical slowdown impact the execution of digitalisation plans? And how can our government support industrial growth? Share your opinion and experience by participating in the Flanders Make's survey!

Sirris is a stakeholder in the Mecatech Cluster in Wallonia. This cluster groups industrial actors and academics involved in common mechanical engineering projects.

In order to make the opportunities presented by Factory 4.0 more tangible, Sirris and two French partners, CITC and Cetim, have each built a demonstrator that is available for companies.

An important aspect of the demonstrator in the Smart & Digital Factory Application Lab in Kortrijk is data integration. Connecting the different elements of production systems is one of the six skills of a smart, agile factory.

In our factory with 4.0 technology, we aim to 3D print a watch. We use a femtosecond laser to create an optical effect, and we couldn’t be more impressed!

The latest issue of the Interreg Factory 4.0 Project newsletter keeps you up-to-date with progress, events and testimonies.

In its workshop in Diepenbeek Sirris is creating a new demonstrator, which will include a tracking-and-tracing station. The design for this station is finished! Discover in this blog what it will do.

In our factory 4.0 people will be assisted by machines. That’s why we created a polishing cell where a cobot and an employee can work together on the same project.

Creating a new demonstrator starts with creating space on the shop floor to put all these new technologies and equipment. We reorganised, cleaned up (a lot), threw out everything we didn’t touch for years and renewed some equipment to create some space. This was a huge work.