Improvements to Google Patents

Google has launched a new version of its patent search tool so that it is now possible to search for and work with scientific literature with the same CPC classification. 

The possibility to search for the most accurate references - previous style - is becoming more important than ever with respect to technological innovation. This is the reason Google Patents has launched this new version of its tool, thereby offering greater possibilities. 

The most important improvement concerns the ability to search through literature that is not a patent, but lies within the same framework as the patents themselves - classifications based on CPC codes (Cooperative Patent Classification) and Google Scholar, so that with a single interface the user can now create a record of the previous style using the patents, while simultaneously recording the technical and scientific documentation. 

The search results are given in clusters of logical groups based on the CPCs in order to make it easier for users who are not used to working with this type of classification. 

The Prior Art Finder is already built-in, although a separate version can still be found at

The new interface is simpler to use and more intuitive.