The importance of the material quality and process optimization in the additive manufacturing of metals

Material inspection and quality are key to succeed in delivering high quality parts in any manufacturing field, and additive manufacturing is not an exception.


Powder bed A.M. metal parts  can achieve mechanical properties equal or higher than conventional manufacturing techniques. The rapidity of the local melting and cooling, thanks to the very localized action of a laser or an electron beam of a fraction of mm in spot into the powder bed creates a very fine microstructure.

The fast cooling rates and thermal changes interaction during the building process makes the whole process very sensitive to several hundred of parameters. In addition, the amount of materials suitable for additive manufacturing is yet limited but expanding rapidly.


 In the first steps, these parameters must be optimized specifically for every material, through a systematic process that allows to highlight their best combination. Here, the challenge consist in achieving optimal results with the minimum amount of trials.


 Furthermore, the optimized settings must be validated, tested and corrected, to ensure their density and their mechanical properties as tensile, compression or fatigue among others.


 process optimization AM metal


As a +25 year player in the additive manufacturing field, Sirris applies  the materials science and process engineering know-how towards the additive manufacturing processes, being able to help in the successful implementation or quality improvement of standard materials by an additive manufacturing manner through a systematic optimization and material inspection approach.