Anna Hristoskova
Nicolás González-Deleito

Recent developments in distributed AI on the edge result in new approaches to secure & targeted distributed analytics. Within Sirris, in the scope of several research projects, we are exploring energy- and resource-efficient scaling of AI-based applications among the existing edge infrastructure, while preserving privacy-sensitive data.

Bart Teerlinck

On 17 June, the Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) webinar will take place. Join this webinar and hear about the Technology Assessment Process (TAP) and Collaboration Innovation Groups (CIG) services offered, and how you can access this free support.

Peter Verhasselt
Nick Boucart

"Hyperscale and Microcare are the key drivers of the digital economy." Each of our interviews with people from extremely different digital backgrounds started with this sentence. These took place as part of our cooperation with Bloovi on digital transformation in a Belgian context. We extracted the key takeaways from those fascinating discussions, which we share with you in this very last part.

Mathias Verbeke

On 22 June, Sirris, Flanders Make and imec organise a webinar on how AI can enhance smart maintenance and Prognostic Health Management for industrial assets.

Nick Boucart
Patrick Coomans

Cybersecurity is everywhere in the news these days. Governments invest in cybersecurity strategies and are rolling out plans. However, not only governments are targeted by malicious hackers; cybercriminals are in fact increasingly targeting companies with the intention of infecting their digitally delivered services or products. Time for action!

Marie-France Rousseau

Innovation through diversity, it is more than just a noble cause at Sirris. In this context we want to draw your attention to less known facts and figures in a series of blog posts.

Tatiana Galibus

The rapid advance of digitisation also has a dark side: it is accompanied by an explosive increase in cyber crime. The recent cyber attack on provider Belnet, which affected the websites of government institutions and universities, proves that this is a general problem. A problem, therefore, that also deserves your attention!

Nick Boucart

On 20 May, during TechStack Belgium's Open Space, the results will be shared of a survey Sirris conducted among more than 60 Belgian tech companies. In this post we will offer you a little sneak peek!

Nick Boucart

As a CTO, Lead Developer or Product Manager within a technical company, you have an important role. Whether you are developing a new product or offering a specific service, sooner or later you will be responsible for making certain choices. Where and how will you store data, for example, or which programming language is best suited to combine speed and quality?

Tatiana Galibus
Nick Boucart

'Shift security left' is a popular IT industry paradigm which is very easy to understand, but not so obvious to implement. Adopting this statement requires more than just use of technology: it is a shift in culture, an integrated approach to application security and continuous learning process. Most start-ups are eager to adopt it in theory, but discover obstacles when applying it in practice. Sirris offers you a solution: 'the simplest 3-week plan for improving security posture'.