Wim Codenie

The international collaborative research project BIMy has been awarded with the ITEA Award of Excellence for Innovation. The ITEA project BIMy focused on how building information modelling (BIM) can be used and exploited beyond its normal use, and how to improve integration of BIM and geographic information systems (GIS). It created a shared space for digital representations of construction projects in their environments, enabling collaboration between multiple stakeholders within the Smart City domain and paving the road for new applications.

Patrick Coomans
Tatiana Galibus
Annanda Rath

In times of digital transformation and Industry 4.0, cybercrime has never been more real for Belgian SMEs. Companies with insufficient security resilience are potential victims. SMEs need a tailored strategy and a clear roadmap for protection now and in the future. Sirris and Agoria meet you halfway with a new approach, tailored to SMEs!

Patrick Coomans

Health-tech companies can expect cybersecurity and privacy requirements to increase swiftly in the future, since the medical industry at large is climbing the ranks of easy targets of criminal gangs. Therefore Agoria and Sirris dedicated a number of 'learning snippets' to the topic of cybersecurity as a sales enabler in health-tech & med-tech during summer. How to turn theory into practice?


Marie-France Rousseau

Our society today is diverse. This implies that the data generated, processed through algorithms and put to use should be diverse too. This is why the teams working with the data are diverse as well. In big data, women hold an important place and this is something we know all about, in Belgium and at Sirris!

Tatiana Galibus
Annanda Rath
Christophe Michiels

In times of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 cybercrime has never been more real for Belgian SMEs. Any company without sufficient security resilience can become a victim. To be able to shield themselves from such attacks, SMEs need a tailor-made strategy and a clear roadmap for resilience, but there are still barriers to overcome. Sirris can help!

Patrick Coomans

Privacy. Often not a popular concept in tech companies. Privacy is a synonym for the burden of data protection compliance. Privacy hinders system functionality, even conflicts with security requirements. Why care about privacy anyway? Privacy is dead, right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

Anna Hristoskova
Nicolás González-Deleito

Recent developments in distributed AI on the edge result in new approaches to secure & targeted distributed analytics. Within Sirris, in the scope of several research projects, we are exploring energy- and resource-efficient scaling of AI-based applications among the existing edge infrastructure, while preserving privacy-sensitive data.

Bart Teerlinck

On 17 June, the Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) webinar will take place. Join this webinar and hear about the Technology Assessment Process (TAP) and Collaboration Innovation Groups (CIG) services offered, and how you can access this free support.

Peter Verhasselt
Nick Boucart

"Hyperscale and Microcare are the key drivers of the digital economy." Each of our interviews with people from extremely different digital backgrounds started with this sentence. These took place as part of our cooperation with Bloovi on digital transformation in a Belgian context. We extracted the key takeaways from those fascinating discussions, which we share with you in this very last part.

Mathias Verbeke

On 22 June, Sirris, Flanders Make and imec organise a webinar on how AI can enhance smart maintenance and Prognostic Health Management for industrial assets.