Patrick Cosemans
Bram Cloet

The NewSkin project aims to create an 'Open Innovation Test Bed' (OITB) to provide with technologies, resources and services to uptake a set of innovative processes to manufacture nano-enabled products, and the testing capabilities to demonstrate the features of nano-enhanced goods. During the project execution, there will be four open calls for companies to receive free access to OITB services. Sirris participates with its climate chamber with ice testing infrastructure for these show cases.

Pascal Pollet

The development of AI technology is going at high speed. A new system shows how images can be generated from text.

Ludwig De Locht

Strategically embedding the processes of both digital and sustainable transformations in a company - also called twin transformation - pays off. It is however often not straightforward for a company to decide where and how to start with a twin transformation. If you want to know more about twin transformations and their potential for your company, get inspired or start your combined digital and sustainable journey, our thematic event on April 27th will fit your need.

Annanda Rath
Tatiana Galibus
Christophe Michiels

Sirris has recently launched its cybersecurity service for manufacturing. As we start to reach out to companies through free intake or individual coaching, we receive more and more questions on how to protect data in manufacturing environments where machine and operation become more and more connected. Shielding data completely from cyberattacks is a complex task, but with several good security practices, it can help addressing large parts of the issue.

Wim Codenie

We are proud to announce that our colleague Elena Tsiporkova is one of the InspiringFifty Deeptech 2021 Winners. InspiringFifty is an initiative run by accelerateHER, increasing diversity in tech, giving women role models the platform and visibility they deserve.

Tatiana Galibus
Patrick Coomans

More and more SMEs offer digital services, make intelligent products, write software programs, develop apps, etc. But how can you make sure that they are safe? Sirris is here to help you!

Tatiana Galibus

The end of December 2021 brought alarming news for digital service companies all over the world due to the discovery of a critical vulnerability in the Apache Log4j library. This open-source library is broadly used for logging security and performance information. That is why Log4j is a common part of consumer and enterprise services and applications. Sadly, it also affects manufacturing companies, as it is widely used in operational technology products.

Tatiana Galibus

At Sirris cybersecurity experts gain interesting learning experience from individual coaching on company premises. In this blog we share with you some of the many practical observations from the field. Here are some tips based on our experience with supply chain security and how it is dealt with in the companies.

Ludwig De Locht

By adding digital services to a physical product - digital servitisation - you can build a long-term relationship with your customers and create value for your company and for your customers.

Ludwig De Locht

Digital servitisation is the enrichment of a physical product with digital services in order to offer more added value to your customers. In other words, you develop a smart product. For example, as a smartwatch manufacturer, you can offer your user a personalised training programme via an app that takes into account the user’s wishes, goals... and which he can then consult on his watch.