I4MS - ICT for Manufacturing SMEs

The European Commission is launching a new 77 million Euro innovation initiative for the manufacturing sector and in particular its high-tech small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), to profit from newest advances in ICT: I4MS (Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs). Europe's competiveness in that sector depends on its capacity to deliver highly innovative products that are produced economically and at high quality. The innovative part of these products often originates from advances in ICT integrated in these products. At the same time, ICT-based solutions applied across the manufacturing process chain help to make manufacturing these products efficient. Both in combination allow for more personalized, diversified and mass-produced European products and flexible reaction to changes on the world market.

I4MS officially kicks off in July 2013 and will conduct more than 150 innovation experiments over the next 3 years. It targets suppliers and users of ICT solutions and covers innovation in four areas:

  • advanced robot solutions
  • high performance cloud-based simulation services
  • intelligent sensor-based equipment
  • innovative laser applications.

These experiments will be implemented with the help of pan-European networks of competence centres, providing the knowledge and support for partnering beyond national borders. SMEs will be able to apply for funding through Calls for Experiments launched by these centres in 2014 and 2015.

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