I-MOVIX celebrates its first 10 years and constant product innovation

In addition to the first four Factories of the Future, there are quite a number of companies in Belgium who are constantly innovating. One of them is I-MOVIX, the Walloon company who specialises in high speed cameras designed for filming sporting events.

Based in Bergen, I-MOVIX was established in 2005 and 10 years later it has 20 employees. It specialises in the research and development of cameras that can record live images in ultra-slow motion. The cameras are especially prized when making live broadcasts of sporting events. I-MOVIX already has a model that can be used with the new 4K standard, i.e. ultra high definition (UHD) picture quality, which is also called 4K because the horizontal resolution is approximately 4,000 pixels.

The cameras designed by I-MOVIX can record images faster than other cameras, but remain just as user-friendly. The camera is the first of its type: it can record anything between 75 and several thousand images per second, which makes extremely slow playback possible. The company is currently not only able to produce 4K images, but also able to zoom in on a sequence of images filmed in 4K allowing minute details to be shown, such as head butting, or touching a ball with a hand, for example. This zoom function is very important and has generated a lot of interest in the market.

New initiatives

Over the last 10 years I-MOVIX has been driven by innovation, which remains the principle challenge for the future, certainly now that the larger manufacturers have now discovered this niche market for ultra-slow motion cameras. As market leader, the company feels it necessary to maintain its position by way of continually creating added value through R&D with respect to both hardware and software. It is also important as an R&D company to be able to manufacture by deploying less expensive technologies. This results in increasing numbers of people being able to acquire the products designed and developed by the company.

I-MOVIX manufactures all its cameras in Belgium. With a view to initiating new product innovation, I-MOVIX entered into a strategic R&D partnership with Sirris. Sirris' contribution was to help the company 'think out of the box'. Both parties brought together ideas from their own spheres of influence resulting in new concepts and ideas emerging from the encounter. One example of where this type of approach can lead, was the realization of a support for the camera housing. In addition to ideas for improving the products, Sirris also brought know-how to the table that helped speed up the go-to-market procedure. A crucial element for the growth of the company based in Bergen, was the process of industrialisation, from the concept, right through to the actual manufacture of the products.

This will be discussed in greater detail during the final instalment of Z-Industry shown on Canal Z, where over a four-week period, four role models are featured who have successfully transformed themselves in order to guarantee future growth. Watch the I-MOVIX film clip here: