How often is electronics the cause of failure in your products?

The VIS project Inprovol started on 1 October 2015. This project researches and lays down guidelines for how you can determine the lifespan of the electronics integrated into your product.

In the interests of the research we would like to hear about your own experiences as a manufacturer of intelligent products:

  • Do you sometimes have problems with (premature) failure resulting from the built-in electronics?
  • Do you ever find out what the underlying problems were?

We would like to give you the opportunity to discuss any problems you may have with the Inprovol project partners. This will lead to finding out which analyses, tests and design techniques could help you to deal with similar problems, and in return we get a better idea of the type of problems that arise.

If you are interested, you can contact one of the partners mentioned below.

Inprovol is a collaboration between Imec, KU Leuven and Sirris, and supported by the Flemish Authorities.

Service partners

Sirris provides support in the analysis of your system requirements, being the electronics in this case. Detailing the environmental circumstances that occur make it possible to tune the system design to allow optimal performance.
Contact: Tania Drissen, Sirris, +32 498 91 93 24,

Imec provides a service that analyses electronic hardware failures (root-cause analyses). Imec also provides support when improving the reliability of electronic products by applying the FMEA risk analysis, lifespan simulations, as well as offering various guidelines for optimal manufacturing, test programmes and operational reliability.
Contact: Bart Vandevelde, imec, +32 473 69 41 57,

Research group ReMI at KU Leuven, based in the Technology Campus in Oostende, can provide technical support and services for the realization and validation of reliable and secure electronic products. The focus is on electromagnetic compatibility, lifespan tests, Highly Accelerated Life Tests, developing reliable, embedded software designs and functional security.  
Contact: Davy Pissoort, KU Leuven Research Group ReMI - Reliability in Mechatronics & ICT, +32 50 40 59 17,  


(Source picture above: Flightglobal : Circuit-board solder crack cited in Indonesia AirAsia crash probe)