How familiar are you with the PED Directive and harmonised standard?

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Do you sell, manufacture or import products that can have an internal pressure exceeding 0.5 bar? It is possible that these products must comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive. With one of their customised training courses, Sirris can explain the practical consequences for your company.

It goes without saying that as a manufacturer, importer or distributor you have to fully understand the implications connected with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. This is why in the past Sirris and its experts have held a number of intensive masterclasses. Thanks to the fully customised training courses you can now find out what the Directive and harmonised EN 13445 standard could mean for your company.

The significance of the Directive and harmonised standard

For many years Europe was the world leader in the production and export of pressure chambers, boilers, fire extinguishers, etc. Europe remains the leading source of expertise regarding pressure chambers although part of the production has moved to other parts of the world in the meantime. Manufacturers must comply with PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), which has been in force in Europe since 13 June 1999 and allows free trade in pressure chambers within the EU. The Directive is designed to guarantee the safety of installations and products. The CE marking indicates that the product meets the current regulations (CE means that the products conforms with the European regulations).

The European Pressure Equipment Directive was modified last year in compliance with the latest packaging Directive (Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation, CLP) and the New Legislative Framework (NLF). This is for streamlining the commercialisation of pressure equipment and clearly describes the responsibility of each market participant. Therefore the European market has not simply become more resistant to competition with fraudulently certified products, but the new Directive also makes it easier for European institutions to closely monitor CE labelled products. The modified version of the Directive was passed into law in Belgium on 18 July 2016.

The European harmonised standards for pressure related risks provide manufacturers with the necessary tools and support to guarantee that their products meet the essential safety requirements contained in the EU Directives. If you use the harmonised EN 13445 standard for designing and manufacturing pressure vessels not subject to flames, it is automatically assumed that you meet the PED requirements. However, implementing the harmonised standard is not so easy because it is highly technical.

Customised training

Sirris targets the contents of the training course to the needs of your company with respect to the PED Directive and the harmonised EN 13445 standard. The course mainly consists of various layers, such as a general detailed overview for people who are new to the subject, or as a refresher course for others, and includes a presentation that goes further into the technical requirements and the impact that may have on your activities. The course makes it possible for companies to implement the Directive in practice via the standard regarding the materials, design and manufacture of pressure chambers. The course can also involve Sirris’ partners, including the Belgian Institute of Welding Technology for example.

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